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Big Easy Hiking Guide Spring 2021 (Digital/Printable)

Big Easy Hiking Guide Spring 2021 (Digital/Printable)

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Stressed? Burnt out? Overstimulated by news media and/or devices? Just want to do something different

Your health and productivity take a hit from these factors. Studies show 45 minutes in nature decreases cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases cognitive performance.  Reduce burnout and increase your productivity by spending time in nature. 

We’ve created this hiking guide because people deserve access to healing outdoor spaces. We want to empower you to take wellness and your relationship with the environment into your hands.

What's included:

  • 2 versions of the guide:
    • A digital download version for your mobile device
    • A print ready version to fold for pocket use
  • 3 Trails within 30 minutes of downtown New Orleans
  • How to prepare for a hike
  • Safety tips
  • Reflection prompts